Meet Tony Forshaw, Echo Guru Founder

Tony is an echo educator and clinical cardiac sonographer. He has a masters degree in Cardiac Ultrasound and continues to have a strong ongoing interest in research. Tony passionately enjoys the art of performing echocardiography and is obsessed with improving quality. He has been a sonographer for over 20 years, an educator at QUT, a vocal campaigner for improving standards of sonographer training and an enthusiastic speaker at national and international conferences on a variety of echo topics. Tony has co-authored textbook chapters and contributed video resources to exam preparation courses in advanced echo. Tony is the director of Echo Guru, providing online echo education to a global audience.

The Echo Guru Story

Connecting and Enhancing Echocardiographers through Education.

Echocardiography is hard. The textbooks look easy, but anyone who has held a probe knows how hard it can be to even get the images, let alone perform a comprehensive scan with one of the hundreds of available measuements in patients with one of a million cardiac conditions. We are all facing the same challenges, and I was receiving many of the same emails asking for help.... That was 2014 and why Echo Guru was created. 

Our story began with a clear mission - to bring echocardiographers together and nurture their growth through comprehensive education. I wanted a place we could learn together, and share through our experiences, wins and fails. The community grew quickly and in 2018, we marked a significant milestone with the launch of our inaugural educational event, the Echo Supervisor Summit. This landmark event was dedicated to exploring innovative ways to enhance ultrasound education and supervision.

Since then, we've expanded our horizons, branching out into specialised areas with profound impact, delivering conference events in contrast echocardiography and sports cardiology. The Contrast Echo Summit focuses on the advanced imaging technique of contrast echocardiography and is the only major educational event dedicated solely to the use of ultrasound enhancing agents in echo.  The Sports Heart Summit explores the complexities of the athletes' heart and its impact on cardiac physiology. Both events bring experts for all over the world, passionate about their niche area of cardiology. 

At Echo Guru, accessibility to education is our core principle. To achieve this, our educational resources are entirely virtual, allowing everyone to stream them live at no cost. We are dedicated to breaking down barriers and ensuring echocardiographers worldwide have unrestricted access to excellent education of the highest quality and since our inception, thousands of echocardiographers from around the world have benefited from our live-streamed education. Our Facebook community provides a platform for mutual support and knowledge sharing, answering questions and fostering a sense of camaraderie.

Launching our latest educational offering, The Echo Chamber, fills us with great pride. This cutting-edge platform introduces a novel approach to continuing professional development (CPD), delivering one hour of CPD per week that is accessible from any location and at any convenient time.

We are excited to have you along for the ride and we look forward to continuing to deliver the highest quality echo education to support you as an Echo Guru!!

"Teaching echo is my passion. I develop Echo Gurus!!"

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