Welcome to the 3rd Annual Contrast Echo Summit.  

Contrast echocardiography is a specialised advanced imaging techinque with widespread application in clinical practice. This program has been designed to provide attendees with a broad overview of contrast imaging, followed by deep dive presentations exploring detailed aspects of the technique in a variety of different clinical scenarios, including in the critical care setting.

Care has been taken to incorporate ASE/EACVI guidelines into talks to demonstrate how and why they should be applied in your daily practice.

This is an incredibly unique program presented by an international faculty of experts with a strong emphasis on the practical application of contrast echocardiography in clinical practice. The event is aimed at anyone involved in quality cardiac ultrasound. 

The majority of the sessions are pre-recorded and then streamed on the 19th April 2024 (AEST). There are several sessions focussed on the practical how-to aspects of contrast echocardiography, making it an ideal event for all sonographers and physicians involved in contrast imaging. Attendees live on the day will have access to a chat room to facilitate discussion between the delegates, and in some instances with the live speakers.

The "must-attend" event for anyone involved in contrast echocardiography